Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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kuning itu sakit, hitam itu sihat

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eceh..untuk pengetahuan puan nana..sila take note okey..
ai ni bukan omak yg rigid since ilmu itu ada di mana2, ape salahnya share kan..hehe...big thanks to kak farah..i learn a lot from her..kagum sgt2 dengan semangatnya..semoga Allah sahaja yg dapat membalasnya..

taken from this group...air tangan ibu..eceh..

Both golden and conventional raisins are made from the same grape. Golden raisins are treated with sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is used as an antioxidant in some dried fruits to protect their color and flavor. 

For example, in golden raisins, dried peaches, apples and apricots sulfur dioxide is used to keep them from losing their light color by blocking browning reactions which darkens fruit and alter their flavor. 

Over the years, sulfur dioxide and sulfites have been used by many populations for a variety of purposes. Sulfur dioxide was first employed as a food additive in 1664, and was later approved for such use in the United States as far back as the 1800s.

Sulfur dioxide, while harmless to healthy individuals, can induce asthma when inhaled or ingested by sensitive people. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that one out of a hundred people is sulfite-sensitive (allergic), and about 5% of asthmatics are also at risk of suffering an adverse reaction. Given that about 10% of the population suffers from asthma, this figure translates to approximately 500,000 people with potential for sulfite-sensitivity. These individuals make up the subgroup of greatest concern and are largely aware of the need to avoid sulfite-containing foods. Consequently, the FDA requires food manufactures and processors to disclose the presence of sulfiting agents in concentrations of at least 10 parts per million.

In Taipei, Taiwan, a recent city health survey found one-third of tested dried fruit products failed health standard tests, most having excessive amounts of sodium cyclamate, some at levels 20 times higher than the legal limit.

ally: mari berubah ke arah lebih sihat..pilihan di tangan kita...(ayat motivasi x?)


FARHANA said...

thanks for the info..selalunye yg kuning lebih sedap kan?hehe

ally said...

yup..betui tu na..lagi sedap yg kuning kena la bertukar..bak kata org, hitam tu menawan..haha